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Homeownership, what should I do before I start my process?

You want to be in the KNOW, and get educated about the home buying process. If you have Questions like….

  • -How do I prepare myself?
  • -What are the mortgage qualifications?
  • -Pre-qualification vs pre-approval
  • -What are the different types of financing available?
  • -How much money should I have saved?
  • -How do I get any First Time Home Buyer Grants?
  • -When do I start looking for a property?
  • -How do I submit an offer to purchase a property?
  • -What is a home inspection? What is an appraisal? Are they the same?
  • -When do I get the keys?

If this sounds like you then you would definitely want to start by attending a FREE first time home buyer workshop at a housing counseling agency where all of the previously mentioned questions and more are answered. To register for one of our workshops hit the red " Contact Me" button to your right. I’ll need the correct spelling of your first/last name, email and best contact number. If you know anyone else who wants to become a first time homeowner and can benefit from this program please have them follow the same directions. Thank you!

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